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Washing Powder Offers | Buy With Highest Discounts

Washing powder is one of the most primitive types of detergent that is very common to use. This product has a very strong detergent and is the most suitable option for washing stained and bad smell clothes. Demand for this detergent is high in domestic markets, so washing powder offers through reputable representations and stores in the around country.

Washing Powder Offers| Buy With Highest Discounts

What is the best washing powder?

What is the best washing powder?Washing powder is produced in both manual and machine and has many applications. Some are suitable for colored or white clothes and others for baby clothes. But the best washing powder should have the following features:

  • clothe luster
  • bleaching power
  • Washable at different temperatures
  • Prevent dirty repetition on clothing
  • Pleasant and gentle aroma
  • Anti-corrosion and damage to clothing fibers
  • maintenance of clothing color

The best washing powder is offered through wholesale or retail representations or online stores, that shopping online is the easiest way to buy cheap washing powder wholesale. Because the customer compares the price and quality of the different stores and in the shortest time orders the washing powder from the desired store.

Differences between washing powder and liquid

Differences between washing powder and liquidUnlike in the past when only washing powder was used for washing clothes, today both powder and washing liquid are used. Among the differences between the two, both powder and washing liquid has advantages and disadvantages, some of which are mentioned here:

  • Washing powder has a high cleansing power than liquid for washing stains.
  • The washing powder price is cheaper.
  • Liquid packaging is plastic laundry and it is not compatible with the environment, while powder packaging is paper.
  • The percentage of chemicals in washing powders is higher than the washing liquid, which is why the damage to clothes with washing powder is much greater.
  • The liquid dissolves in the water better than the washing powder.
  • Washing liquid cannot be stored for a long time.
  • Powder can leave undesirable detergent chunks in your washing machine parts. thus, this can lead to malfunctions.
  • and …

eventually, customers decide to buy each one based on their needs and income.

Why washing liquids are better?

Why washing liquids are better?Washing liquids can be divided into several categories according to the color and sex of the clothing, the amount of stain, the strength of the wash.

As mentioned above, the Washing liquid is a mild detergent so it does not damage the texture of the clothe and is the most suitable detergent for fine clothing as well as for children’s clothing. it also has a higher power to remove grease stains on clothes than washing powder.

besides, Water temperature is a big factor for washing. No matter if you choose cold, warm or hot, liquid detergent mixes with wash water completely because it’s already a liquid.

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